Digital Portrait Project – Part Three [Practical Media]

digital-portrait-protoEven during the prototyping phase, I know that the Panels need to be more distinctive, and have a greater distinction for direction. This is something I will need to keep into account if this becomes a more developed project. Maybe spacing out panels more, would

be an improvement, and the flow of each panel should be taken to account.

screenshot-70In regards to starting the actual canvas, ideally, The screen should start out zoomed out with only the hint of hidden panels (Maybe making all panels faded until they are in frame?). Panel progression should be in all directions (mimicking how the internet and real world branches out in multiple paths). Buttons are an obvious navigation technique, though it would be interesting to progress while while hovering the mouse. Of course it would also be interesting to use a branching paths approach, relieving a panel, only when it is selected from the previous panel (Something akin to “A Duck Has An Adventure” by D. Goodbrey).

screenshot-69Slight Problem. I appear to have become somewhat rusty in regards to my Action Script skills.The problem appears to be linked to ‘easing’ commands. Buttons appear to be working upon command. Must look back over previous projects and see if I have missed a line of command somewhere.

Ideally, If I can get the screen to move, than navigation will work for all buttons. If I wish to experiment a little more, than the command can be linked to mouse position instead. However, If I wish to make the progression gradual by panel, then I am going to have to map a separate set of movement commands to each panel.


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