Mapping the Field Project [Part Two]


A prototype layout was made in Photoshop to help test the theory beyond the brief paper sketch. The buildings start off spare and slowly come together, before becoming stone and eventually glass. This was done to try and mimic the business’s moving through history.marker

Temporary information markers were inspired by markers used by Google Maps, but the colour I used was chosen in opposition to the primary colour of the map. With Red being the opposite of Green.screenshot-75

Markers were then added to the prototype to give a feel of the over all presentation. Each of these markers are set out in a chronological order, reading from left to right, marking significant inventions, people or events, chronicling areas such as electronic communication, video games, print, comic books, film and television.

screenshot-74Each marker, when hovered over, displays a notice across the screen, hosting an image of the invention/person/event, the date or time frame, a reference relating to the information on display, and a brief explanation.

More notes:

  • Sherry Turkle – Alone Together – *Make Notes
  • Social Media
   – Facebook/twitter/Instagram
  – Citizen Journalism
  • Virtual Reality
   – Oculus Rift/Vive
   – 360 Video
  • Immersive Gaming
 – Heavy Rain
   – 2010, Quantic Dream
– Until Dawn
   – 2015, Supermassive Games
  • Augmented Reality
– Pokemon GO
  • Camera – Smart Phones ubiquitous usage
  • Streaming and Web Content of Video footage
  • Immersive 3D
  – Avatar
2000 s
  • Convergence Culture
  • iPhone
 – Death of the dedicated phone
  • The ‘Cloud’
 – Offsite storage
  • iTunes/Napster/Internet piracy
  • YouTube
  • World Wide Web
  – Tim Burners Lee
  • Computer Animation becoming mainstream
  – Toy Story/Pixar
  • Comics crash
  • Google (1998)
  • Macintosh (1984)
  • NeXt
  • Video Game Crash of ’83
  • Apple II
  • Graphics interface for computers
  • Silicon Valley
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Arpanet
  • Bletchley Park

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