Making it Real Project – Pixel Art and 3D Printing [Part Three]


Pixel Art:

  • Smith, M.R., 2016. It’s Hip to be Square: The Pixel Revolution in Contemporary Art. Blackflash Magazine. []
  • Versluis, D., 2012. Is Digital Art Upstaged by its Own Medium?. Pro Rege, 40(3), pp.39-44. []
  • Kuo, M. H., Yang, Y. L., & Chu, H. K. Feature-Aware Pixel Art Animation.


3D Printing:

  • Lupton, D., 2015. 3D Printed Self Replicas: Personal Digital Data Made Solid. Available at SSRN 2645489. []
  • Holbrook, T.R. and Osborn, L., 2015. Digital patent infringement in an era of 3D printing. UC Davis Law Review, 48, pp.1319-1385. []
  • Yu, B., Savchenko, M., Shinoda, J., Diago, L., Hagiwara, I. and Savchenko, V., 2016. Producing Physical Copies of the Digital Models via Generating 2D Patterns for “Origami 3D Printer” system. Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering, 3(1), pp.58-77. []

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