Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman


Weather it is realised or not, text is everywhere. Our ubiquitous use of digital media, as well as traditional print, puts text and information square in front of us at a constant rate. ‘Why Fonts Matter’ provided a useful and easy to follow exploration of fonts around us, providing multiple examples from adverts, e-books, road signs, etc. to help demonstrate their importance. Useful when discussing choices made in products or media.

While fonts were something I rarely concerned myself with, while studying McLuhan’s theories about how different mediums affect us, I realised the ways in which information is shared across media differs, and how different fonts can remind us of different products and media due to our association with them. Hyndman’s book comes in handy as a starting point when discussing these issues/benefits.

  • Hyndman, S. (2015) Why Fonts Matter. Random House: London.

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