The Uncanny Valley – Extra Credits

Covering the career of Masahiro Morrie, his work in robotics and his attempts to make them more human like, while discovering that the more human like they became, the less people responded to them, becoming uneasy in their presence. The concept of the imperfect simulation, and the uncanny valley. In regards to digital media, the video provides an interesting look at both the uses of Photo-realism and stylization, both methods to strive for in an attempt to escape the uncanny valley and keep a user immersed. When taking into account forms of media that rely heavily on a user interacting with a virtual human, or even a representation of themselves in a virtual space, overcoming the uncanny valley is going to be of vital importance. Due to our familiarity with humans, we see them all the time, every day, any small incorrect detail in anything from look to movement shows itself, it becomes instantly noticeable to us.

With the ubiquity of digitally created characters and environments in film, television, games etc. I believe an understanding of the Uncanny Valley will be a requirement when discussing computer generated media. Extra Credits works as an excellent basis for understanding the principle theory and giving some useful and notable examples.


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