Unreliable Experience Project [Part One]

After doing some research in 3 and 5 act structures, as well as Freytag’s pyramid, It became slightly easier than usual to attempt to construct a basic story, as I had a better understanding of what makes a story, including the ‘inciting incident’ and the ‘crisis point’.

As a comics fan, I wanted to build on my love of heroes, but I also wanted to mirror some aspect of our own world, So, I decided to structure the story as an allegory for our use of social media. How we all take centre stage as the heroes of our own story online, but in reality we are all just as important as each other, and can have just as much of an impact as anyone else. Good or bad.

I was thinking that Act 1 would work as an introduction, getting to know the world and building up the fact that your character is the hero. The inciting incident would be inhabitants of the world beginning to lie to you about how important you are, putting doubt into the players mind. Act 2 is a journey across the stage, building up a sense of importance and power, and the crisis point hammering in the fact that you have been lied to, that you are not the hero at all, that you are just like everyone else. Finally Act 3 is joining with other would-be heroes to actually make a difference, defeating the final boss.


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