Unreliable Experience Project [Part Two] Creation Frustration


Originally I conceived the game to work as a side scroller, similar to some of my previous projects and inspired by games such as Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. However, despite having a basic character created and a previous set of walk cycle templates on hand, I seem to have become unable to create any form of usable asset, leading to deep frustration.

However, this is maybe a setback, but it is also an opportunity to try something new. There are possible answers to this problem, that can take multiple form. photo-23-10-2016-12-38-22One, can we use something other than Unity? Something else at our disposal that is familiar. Two, does it have to be a side scroller? Point and click maybe? Three, can we draw on something else? Use text maybe? What about a point and click text based interface, where the game is lying to you about that the object actual is? What if the object is described but its label is completely different? Or, you are reading the text from someone else’s point of view, someone who wants to make you believe you are the hero while you are actually doing their bidding? Interesting…



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