Generative Art. [Ideas]

photo-10-11-2016-14-01-02This week’s assignment relates to the idea of ‘generative art’, or art that is generated by instruction. Given our short turnaround time, it has been suggested that we use a randomiser to produce the piece. With this in mind, I considered using a predefined database that a randomiser can call on, and display the art in an unpredictable manner. Previous experience with HTML, Java, and CSS tells me that this is possible, though may take some time to re-familiarise myself with the principles and language, this can be done using Dreamweaver.

A comic book may be a good model, and fits in well with my interests. Perhaps a randomised comic book that draws on a database of panels that can be displayed in a random order. However, panel layouts have varying sizes depending on the artist. It may be an idea to only chose panels, or a story, that keep to a 3 by 3 panel layout, such as Dave Gibbons layout for Watchman. Older comics tend to stick to this format, such as the initial issues of Action Comics, Detective Comics, Amazing Fantasy and Captain America.

For a test, I will try to use just a few pages as a database, instead of an entire story.


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