Distant Reading Practice: Metropolis (2001) – Rooftop Scene.

Binary opposites:

  • Light and Shadow,
  • Robot and Organic,
  • Angelic and Mortal,
  • New and Old,
  • Clean and Used,
  • Innocent and Corrupted,

Tima begins sat in the shadows, and is suddenly enveloped in light, her body glowing. The radiating light gives her an angelic quality. She is situated above the residents of the underground, in addition to the light radiating from her, this positioning shows her as a higher being, the bird landing on her shoulder, providing her wings. An Angel, looking down on the poor mortals. Tima, while appearing human, is a robotic being, created with a greater purpose than to simply live as a human, this moment of angelic purity, looking down on the citizens, helps to emphasis Tima’s position among them. She appears the same, but stands apart.

  • Mishcat (2016) Metropolis (2001) – Tima Rooftop Scene. [Online Video] June 4th. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BruJQz8LCM [Last Accessed: 28/11/2016]
  • Metropolis (2016) Film. Directed by Rintaro. [DVD] JP. Madhouse Production.

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