Meta-Panels and Will Eisner – Notes

“There’s something about the way McKay uses his panel layouts which is substantially different to Eisner’s. Eisner was using exploded panels, for instance, where you had beautiful visuals but the whole page has an overall design so that it looks like Moroccan alleyways with lots of brickwork and the panels will be part of what Eisner called the “meta-panel”, in which the whole page is a panel into which the other panels have been inserted. It looks beautiful on the printed page but it doesn’t translate into the new medium anywhere near as well. What McKay would do is use regular panel shapes, which makes it much easier to tell stories in this medium than the irregular, organic shapes Eisner used. It worked beautifully on the printed page, no argument that Eisner was one of the sublime geniuses of the medium. But McKay was my way into thinking about this new medium because it’s all about movement.” [Kamen.2015]

  • Kamen, M. (2015) Alan Moore: ‘Electricomics’ is groundbreaking, but print is still superior. [Online] 29th September. Available from: [Last Accessed: 07/12/16]

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