How My Practice Has Developed

Over the course of these projects, I have learned how my ideas develop, far more then improving the development process. The short turn around for each project meant that I had to make decisions rather quickly, and decide whether or not the idea is feasible or manageable in the time allotted. In situations where the original plan showed signs that it could not be achieved by the half way point, I then had to learn how to quickly adapt the idea to fit both the assigned subject and skill set I have at my disposal. Over the weeks, I did find that I can be overly ambitious when it comes to what can be done, and I have been left in situations where the work could not be completed, due to a steeper learning curve than I had expected. Towards the end of the projects, this did subtly correct itself, until it came to the final projects. I feel that when it does come to developing ideas, I should give myself far longer to learn new skills if they are required. In the case of using the Kinect, this may be a lost course.


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