Failing with the Kinect and replacement Project

After having spent several weeks attempting to work with the Kinect, no progress has been made, with no back up plan in sight. The intended purpose of it, was to act as a trigger for a user to refresh the random comics page. While this idea was intriguing, the fact that I was having so much difficulty with getting it to work, did put doubts in my mind as to completing the project.

With this in mind, I have had to redesign the initial random page, to include its own button to act as a trigger. The new button needed to match the theme of the project. As a final resort, it was redesigned to resemble a word balloon, with the words ‘begin again’. While the Kinect would have been an incredibly interesting edition to the project, its implementation was just not possible with my current skill set, and determination. I feel that, even with more time, I would probably not have been able to implement it successfully. While it was an interesting notion, It did not feel like a good use for the Kinect, and came off as slightly arbitrary. I think if I had have got it working, it would have just been to show off that I could get it to work, rather than adding to the projects own style and core.

In place of the second project, I experimented with randomisation using Flash instead of HTML, only instead of using comic book images, I used quotes from papers and books that I had used through-out the course so far. While each of the articles talks about how we use media, and interacting with them, they all come at it from a different angle, with a different core subject. Stringing them together, in a random fashion, they still appear to make some sense, much in the same way as the images for the random comic do. Much in the same way as film editing, and the gutter between panels, our brains fill in the spaces and attempt to make sense of what is provided for us.


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