[Notes] How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by C. Taylor.


  • “Like Star Wars itself, the parodies seemed to pretty much die out after the original trilogy ended in 1983. The one notable exception – Mel Brooks’s feature-length Spaceballs in 1987 – seemed outdated on arrival. ‘It should have been made several years ago, before out appetite for Star Wars satires had been exhausted,’ wrote Rodger Ebert. ‘This movie already has been made over the last 10 years by countless other satirists.’ (A handful of the jokes, such as the princess’s hair buns turning out to be ear warmers, arrived direct from Hardware Wars.)” [Taylor. 2014:135-136]

  • “But Star Wars was not made in a heavenly moment with the muses; it did not arrive on stone tablets. It was far more of a light, wispy thing. As tempting as it is to think of the entire franchise as some preordained feat of genius, it’s far more revealing to view it as Flash Gordon fan fiction meets fairy tale, made by a film nerd who, suddenly finding himself with a lot of time and money on his hands, was experimenting more than anything else.” [Taylor. 2014:128]


Taylor, C. (2014) How Star Wars Conquered the Universe. The Past, Present and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise. Head of Zeus Ltd. London.


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