Description of proposed project – comic interface for learning [V&A Project]

With the large quantity of items and information available in the Victoria & Albert archive, it becomes obvious that the initial problem is one of advertising. Attracting enough attention to the archives, for users to want to explore it. Making it feel like entertainment rather than work. With this in mind, the though occurs to try a more visual approach. While visuals may also draw attention, there is also the point to allow ease of access. So, the project must attract attention visually, allow for users to research through entertainment, and be easy to access.


Idea, by implementing a comic book style, storytelling method to the archive, could allow for an entertaining method of reading. With the addition of adding images to the information, this could allow researchers to better absorb the information provided. By adding this feature to the Victoria & Albert website, you are making the information just as available as their archive. By not restricting the comic database to a single physical location, you are provided potential researchers with the ability to access the information from anywhere, as long as they have internet access.


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