Idea for Educational Video [Final Project]

Wanting to go into education, specifically teaching undergraduates, it becomes apparent to align my final project with something that can be used to further that goal. Based on online educational shows, such as Crash Course and PBS Idea Channel, and companies such as TED and the BBC, the idea was pitched to create short educational videos with the aim to teach theory. Through discussion, it was thought to attempt to use these videos to teach film theory, not focusing on how to make a film, but the theories behind them, such as semiotics, genre theory etc. The overall goal of the project is to use them as exercises in producing lesson plans, and executing them.


The overall presentation could be a mixture of live action, and animation, or purely animation using clips from examples. Animation segments will most likely be created using a mixture of Flash, now Animate, and Premier Pro. This will require some brushing up in terms of animation skills.


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