Research in Feminism – Documentaries [Final Project]

As a means to integrate feminist theory into my mind at a faster rate, it became apparent that exploring feminist documentaries may help in this regard. With this in mind, I chose to watch Miss Representation, a documentary discussing how women are portrayed in the media, and how that affects the mentality and expectations for both men and women. This film is not yet rated, while not about feminism, discussing censorship in films, and contains a large amount of discussion regarding how female pleaure is overlooked, or cut out, focusing more on male pleasure, possibly due to what Mulvey describes as the ‘Male Gaze’. Finally, The Invisible War, discusses the rate of sexual abuse in the millitary, mostly against women, and explores how the military covers up these facts using the media.

  • Miss Representation. (2011) Film. Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. [TV] Girls’ Club Entertainment: USA
  • The Invisible War (2012) Film. Directed by Kirby Dick. [DVD] Chain Camera Pictures: USA.
  • This Film is Not Yet Rated. (2006) Film. Directed by Kirby Dick. [DVD] Independant Film Channel: USA.

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