Barthes script Ver. 1 (UNFINISHED)


Structuralism, in its simplest form, is the practice of understanding the ‘metaphor of language’, how we use the language, its structure, and how we interpret it. When it comes to language, on their own, words have no meaning. It is use as a society that assign meaning to them. The word ‘Dog’ has no association with an actual animal on its own, we have assigned the three letter word ‘Dog’, to refer to a specific four legged, tailed, usual domesticated animal. Structuralism can be broken down into a signifier, and a signified. In this case, the word ‘Dog’ is the signifier, and the animal itself is the thing being signified.

Post Structuralism:

Post structuralism, moves past signifiers and signs, and examines how we shape or reality based on our use of language.

Roland Barthes and Myth as Post structuralism:


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