Economist Style Guide Notes

Noun –

Verb –

Adverb –

Adjective –


  • Use shorter words when you can, instead of more complicated big words.
  • Cut out words if you can
  • Use active words instead of passive. (?) [A hit B, instead of B was hit by A]
  • Use plain English instead of jargon
  • Write in plain conversational English, don’t add extra language just to sound smart.
  • Use everyday speech, Let instead of Permit, People instead of Persons, Buy instead of Purchase. Etc..
  • Don’t make it sound like those who disagree with you are stupid
  • Don’t make it sound like you are
  • Try not to start a lot of sentences with the same word or phrase.
  • Be lucid with your writing, simple short sentences help here.
  • Long sentences or paragraphs can be confusing.
  • Don’t use abbreviations unless they are overly common.
  • Avoid aggressive language
  • Agree = agreed about, on or to, not just agreed
  • Avoid Americanisms

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