Mixed Reality in education, entertainment and training by CE Hughes, CB Stapleton, DE Hughes and EM Smith.

Hughes, C.E., Stapleton, C.B., Hughes, D.E. and Smith, E.M., 2005. Mixed reality in education, entertainment, and training. IEEE computer graphics and applications, 25(6), pp.24-30.


While the paper focuses on military research, the discussion point of the paper, is the use of entertainment, in this case VR, in order to convey research outcomes to both military personal, and the general public. This includes both the theoretical standpoints, as well as simulated experiences in order to drive the research points home. The paper goes in depth with discussions of user reactions, such as the enjoyability of the project, and how well the user remembers the information imparted. While the authors use VR for their delivery model, and mine uses animation, the process and worries are not too dissimilar. The worries in regards to the aspects of delivery, include several sensory inputs, including visual, auditory, and the setting the experiment is undertaken. With our project, visual and auditory are obviously important, but the method of delivery is comparable to how they describe the environment the experiments are undertaken.


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