Typefaces – British Dyslexia Association

British Dyslexia Association. (2015) Typefaces for Dyslexia. [Online] August. Available from: https://bdatech.org/what-technology/typefaces-for-dyslexia/ [Last Accessed: 15/07/2017]


While attempting to find the best desired font for the project, dyslexia had to be considered. I stumbled across the British Dyslexia Association, and their page discussing typography and comparing different examples. For each of their examples, they broke down specific areas of thought, such as ascenders and descenders, the differences between a lower case I, upper case I, and the number 1, letter spacing, and other problems that may affect someone’s ability to read the text.

The article was set around people reading off the screen, comparing texts that are readily available on PCs, those that are specially designed for dyslexia, both free and paid, as well as publisher only fonts. For ease of communication between devices while working, it maybe best to stick to preloaded fonts. This leaves us with Arial, Comic Sans, Century Gothic, Verdana, Trebuchet, and Calibri.


Screenshot (86)

Comic Sans:

Screenshot (87)

Century Gothic:

Screenshot (88)


Screenshot (89)


Screenshot (90)


Screenshot (91)

At a brief glance, I think Verdana maybe best, however I shall take a frame and test it in each font.

Other sites:

Dyslexic.com (2016) Typefaces for Dyslexia. [Online] Available from: https://www.dyslexic.com/fonts/ [Last Accessed: 15/07/2017]


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