The School of Life examples

At the suggestion of the animation lecturer, I took a look at the YouTube channel for ‘The School of Life’. Most of their videos relate to relationships, sex, life style and mental health. However, the interesting aspect of their channel, is the fact that videos are worked on in different styles from each other. While the scripts are written by the same source, and usually read by the same person. Different animators, directors or editors are given the task of transferring the scripts to the screen. Some of these are fully detailed animations. Others similar to the collage style I am attempting. And a few involve live action footage, either filmed by the director, or taken from other sources. These videos provide a useful and intriguing look at how different styles can be used to transfer information to the screen.


The School of Life (2016) The Fear of Being Bad in Bed. [Online] YouTube. June 13th. Available from: [Last Accessed: 21/07/2017]

The School of Life (2016) The Joy of Sexting. [Online] YouTube. February 10th. Available from: [Last Accessed: 21/07/2017]


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