Possible inspiration

A pair of videos that the clients suggested I look at for inspiration. They responded well to the idea of a collage approach to the subject. Expressing enthusiasm, and sending these suggestions within a few hours of the meetings end. One focuses on moving covers for books. This was a suggestion they made, however they expressed an awareness of how time consuming this approach could be, given that it would only take up a few seconds of screen time. The second video is simply an example they liked, and sent to clarify that they had understood my suggestion.

Dress Code (2016) Syracuse University: Welcome. [ONLINE] Vimeo. July 18th. Available from: https://vimeo.com/175275006 [Last Accessed: 27/07/2017]

Henning M. Lederer. (2015) Covers. [Online] Vimeo. October 9th. Available from: https://vimeo.com/141891887 [Last Accessed: 27/07/2017]


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