New Learning

This project has been the culmination of previous modules and assignments. As well as incorporating skills that were learnt in the process of editing, and animating. With this project beginning as a client led assignment, I found myself needing to evolve skills I had learned from the previous live brief. While the specifications were given to us beforehand, this project required a far greater level of engagement with the clients. The need to balance both my own time management, and the required communications with the clients was a skill that needed to be learned and disseminated quickly. While research has always been a strong suite in my favour. The nature of research changed in this manner. Rather than researching uses for an idea. Research was directed more at justification and experimentation. This required a need to expand and elaborate on my own research skills. The direction of research changed, as the need changed from a question of ’what’ to ‘why’.

With technical skills, I found myself having to learn elements of flash that became obsolete by the projects end. However, these skills became transferable since they related to sound and timing. Learning of the use of dope sheets became a valuable asset. Had the project continued to be produced with Flash, the dope sheet would have become even more valuable. However, learning to adopt this method of working provided a more organised and productive flow, allowing for time to be organised and distributed across the entire editing process.

The change in asset and animation style did force me to look at how I view materials, as well as how texture work. This came into play especially when looking at ripped paper to create the collage effect. This allowed me to experiment with additional brushes in photoshop, as well as how colour changes the tone and feel of the image. When it came to story boarding, I had to draw greatly from my knowledge of comic books, and how they can convey mood and movement. The storyboards went from an afterthought at the beginning of the project, to an immediate and crucial detail. My previous method of animation and editing relied more on script based work, rather than storyboard driven. Through this project, I learned the value of a well-presented storyboard, as it can convey to the client a greater sense of what the final outcome will be, rather than words on a page and simple directions. This also helped in understanding the projects reason for being. That both the clients and target audience respond greater to image and sound, than text.


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