Meeting notes (17/08)


Tutorial notes

How is it going?
Video is done – waiting for final feedback.
Looks really good.
Looking really good – lots of posts and very good detail.
Promotional video
This needs to introduce both your project and your own practice or approach.
What’s next – do some research into funded PhD student ships. Queen Mary, Goldsmiths etc.
Think about ways of using your project to help your profile and networking – so conferences, animation shows etc.

Balance between tutorials and meetings

Decision making throughout the project, has been somewhat tricky throughout. Working with clients, as well as regular tutorial sessions became at once a blessing, and at points an occasion for patients. When working with clients, any major changes must first be addressed with them. Some changes may even be unexpected, and require further research before they can be implemented. With these in mind, documentation, and research must also be brought forward to tutors during tutorials to explain why decisions are made. At points, a change may be suggested, and due to how it would be needed to be implemented, it is sometimes necessary to stand ground and explain why your method may be better than a proposed idea. Other times, it is better, and far less time consuming, to set aside your original idea, in favour of a suggestion. With this in mind, the regular meetings between all parties are an asset.

Using the project as an experiment in teaching

For my future plans, this project has been ideal. It has required a great amount of collaboration with clients through the university, as well as understanding how budgets are distributed and bid for among projects. In addition, it helped to understand how language needs to be structured in order to teach another key principles. While an hour-long lecture would be more than enough to give a breakdown of principles, as well as provide examples, fitting it into a less than 5-minute video, however, required greater care and attention to language. The fact that this was a video, also meant that I had to pay attention to what images and meanings the words used conveyed, and how best to communicate that to someone who may have difficulty understanding them.

With my desire to go on to academic teaching, especially at the university level, this was an idea project.

Typography problem sorted

The previous problem with typography and its effect on dyslexia may have been sorted, with the adoption of the collage style. While I found myself struggling to decide upon a type face. Verdana seemed the most appropriate, but with the description my clients made, drew me to the conclusion that of the chosen fonts, Comic Sans would make a better fit. However, the reputation of Comic Sans, also played against it. An alternative was still needed.

Following on from the collage idea, the thought turned to using it for the font. Cutting individual, large print, and easy to read letters to create the same desired effect as the images.


Transitions between frames.

Given the projects new direction, in it’s paper aesthetic, I felt that the transition and effects should match. Between subject matters, the need to create a break became prominent, to signal to the audience that there was a pause in subject matter or change. When debating how this should be done, I considered making it like the turning of a page. That all of the action was taking place within one of their text books, only on the screen. Turning the page, became changing the subject.

I considered how this could be animated, before scaling back my thoughts and trying to find a simple work around. With the program switch from Flash to Premiere Pro, I found a transition in program that resembled what I was looking for. “Page Peel”.

Screenshot (106)Screenshot (106) - Copy

Using the Dope Sheet

While the intent of the dope sheet was so that I could plan each form of animation before I started editing. I found that a more fluid and spontaneous approach fit the project, as well as using the storyboards as Key frames. However, the dope sheet provided an added benefit in this matter. As I could note down on the page, above the words, which sections had been animated, when I needed to jump from one section to another, or momentarily leave the project for other matters. While not it’s intended purpose, the dope sheet proved incredibly helpful.